AACATX Partnership Program

AACATX welcomes long term partnerships with industry leaders, corporations and public agencies. As a small and new organization with quality members, we are confident in our significant capacity growth for the individual members and as an organization, if we have your strong support to help us fund our programs.

News and Events


AACAT TXDOT Partnership


AACATX to join TX DOT CIP Program as a new partner soon with participation in thePLC Heavy Highway Training.

AACAT Bombardier Mass Transti Inc. Partnership


AACATX is proud to announce the 2014 Bombardier Scholarship for a College Student and the AACATX Award for High School achiever of the year.  Both will be awarded to outstanding student achievers majoring in math, science , construction or related fields.

Interested applicants please email kdress@usapdi.com for application.

Thank You Sponsoring Partners