AACATX Partnership Program

AACATX welcomes long term partnerships with industry leaders, corporations and public agencies. As a small and new organization with quality members, we are confident in our significant capacity growth for the individual members and as an organization, if we have your strong support to help us fund our programs.

News and Events: Partenring With Other Organizations


AACATX T0 Atend 2015 Wind Festival


May 16, 2015 at Trammel Crow Park Off Sylvan Avenue in the Dallas Floodway and Sunday, May 17, 2015 at North Park Mall 8687 North Central Expressway, 75225 will be a big day, as the Weifang International Kite Festival organization from the City of Weifang, Shantung Province China come to help celebrate the wind festival with their many elaborate and stunning kites. The festival also includes a performance of the Ocarina instument .Entrance is free to the public.


AACAT Attends US China Trade Confrence


AACATX Member Anuj Patel, Kathy Dress, Lily Quan, Kim Seng, and Kathy Dress attend the US China Trade Confrence to network with companies arriving overseas and across the globe to market their business and promote partenrships with other organizations. The event was concluded with a stunning performance by the Legend of Tai Chi group presenting a story of romance, vendettas and family with a tragic but heart felt ending of lost love.

AACATX Members aid in DFWAACC


AACATX to joins the DFW Asian American Citizens Council at their 14th Banquet for a special meeting with Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, who has served under the Bush and Clinton administation. Among the keynote speakers was Christine Chen Who Served as APIAVote promoting Asian-Americans to be involved in all walks of life.

AACAT Bombardier Mass Transti Inc. Partnership


AACATX is proud to announce the 2014 Bombardier Scholarship for a College Student and the AACATX Award for High School achiever of the year.  Both will be awarded to outstanding student achievers majoring in math, science , construction or related fields.

Interested applicants please email kdress@usapdi.com for application.